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Bonjour Key Finders

Bonjour Key Finders

Bonjour Magnetic Key Finders

Key Finders and Purse Ornaments by Grandway

Errands, shopping trips, and simple days out can become a big hassle when the thing needed most is nowhere to be found: the keys. Bonjour Key Finders are the stylish way to find your keys fast and eliminate the need to dig through various bags and pockets in search for them. Also posing as a purse fashion accessory, the Bon Jour Key Finders update the glamorous look of your purse, bag or backpack. Bonjour Key Finders are a magnetic option for finding your keys in your handbag. Place the dazzling decorative charm of the key finder on the outside of the purse and secure it on the inside with the strong magnetic back. Place your keys against the Bonjour Key Finder and they will be held in place for the next time you need them. Each Bonjour Key Finder catches your eye with a sparkling and dazzling inclusion of wall to wall rhinestones. With a huge variety of styles, you'll find the perfect addition to your purse.

See a demonstration of the Butterfly BonJour Key Finder below: